I love that my son went to your lap in Sign, Sing & Play class today – he has never done that with anyone outside of family before! He really does adore you AND learns from you! Last week we heard a train whistle a ways off and he signed (his version) of train. Shira, we have never modeled that for him. You signed it in class and he watches you so intently that he learned from that one class. I wasn’t sure, but the train sounded again four more times and each time he wiped one hand down over the back of the other hand.

Thank you so much!


The difference between just learning signs to teach your baby on your own and taking the Tiny Talker’s workshop, is that you actually learn how to teach signs to your baby! Shira role plays and gives great ways to help both babies and moms and dads learn together. Even though I already knew the signs she was teaching, I learned so much!

Karen (ASL Interpreter and mother of 3)

I took the Tiny Talker’s parent workshop after a behavioral therapist recommended sign language for my 19 month old. I was a little skeptical of sign language helping since he had already began talking. After the class, I picked 3 signs which I knew my son was having a hard time communicating to me. I did the signs with him for the first 2 days afterwards, as I was very excited with my new found skill. On the third day, I slipped back into my normal routine and forgot completely about using the signs with him. That evening, after dinner, I asked my son if he wanted a bath and he signed “more” back to me!! Now, it was the wrong sign, but I knew he meant “yes” (the other one I had been working on). From there, I was hooked. We are now only about a month in and he can confidently communicate 4 signs. He tries to speak the words while using the signs, but his speech is on the slow side, so knowing what he is signing to me is such a blessing. We are seeing a great improvement in his frustration level and it’s a sense of pride for him to be able to tell me what he wants. Every time he uses a sign we cheer him on and we can see how happy it makes him. I went to sign language for better communication, but have realized that with successful communication, there is so much more to gain from it.


I would highly recommend the Tiny Talkers workshop. I had been interested in learning the fundamentals of teaching my daughter to sign since she was born, but felt a little bit overwhelmed by where to start.

Tiny Talker’s workshop offered valuable information about the benefits of sign language for babies and their families, how babies learn and how to teach baby to sign. Our daughter is 8 months old and in just the last few days, after working with her for a couple of weeks, we’ve noticed that she is responding to our sign for the word “milk”. We have seen her really focusing on the sign and know it’s just a matter of days before she makes it on her own.

Kelley S.

Thank you for your baby sign language seminar. It was the kick we needed to get started with sign language with our 6 month old. It was significantly easier to start than I expected – the signs we hoped to teach our kiddo were all fairly intuitive.

Now, at 15 months, our daughter has a few spoken words. She can say, “mama,” “dada,” and a small handful syllable-combinations that we identify as the names of her sisters, banana, “buh” for ball, “puh” for puppy, “mnnnn” for moon, etc. But there aren’t many.

Because of sign language, her operating vocabulary is much larger. She can get excited about something outside, and we will know if it’s birds, or rain, or wind. She can sign “sister,” “puppy,” and “kitty.” We likely wouldn’t have identified her sounds for her sisters without help from the sign at the same time (or at least not nearly as quickly). She tell us that she wants to read a book, and she expresses her excitement over hats, and bears, and elephants she sees there.

Best of all, she can share more abstract thoughts. She can tell us when she’s hot or cold. She points to the oven and signs “hot” and knows to back away. She can tell us if she’s hungry, or if she wants milk. One of the best, she can tell us that something hurts, and she can show us where.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the sign language encourages her use of her hands to communicate in general, too. She often points to one of us, then pats where she wants us to go (which usually has an implied action, going outside, playing with blocks, etc). Or she’ll pat herself, and point at something else, for something she wants to do. She understands very well that she can communicate with her hands.

Thank you, for the gift of communication with my daughter. I feel privileged to have this language with her in this time while I wait for her spoken words to catch up.


I am a speech-language pathologist who has worked with older children and adults. I took sign language as an undergraduate and had experience with Signing Exact English and ASL. As a new parent I needed help in using baby signs with my infant daughter because I was making it too complicated (e.g. confused about which program to use, introducing too many signs at once and signing complete phrases instead of words). I had a private consultation with Shira. She was extremely organized, caring, positive and knowledgeable. It is clear Shira loves being a parent and is committed to helping others. She assisted me in coming up with strategies to use with the baby and provided clear, easy to implement materials. I highly recommend Shira and her Tiny Talkers program! A workshop and/or consultation would be a meaningful gift for parents and children.

Lisa L.

WE LOVE YOU!! NO MORE SCREECHING!! My partner and I woke up about a week ago, and he said “You know what I just realized? Our daughter hasn’t screamed in about three days.” It was quite the lovely epiphany. We began working with her as soon as we got back from the workshop. After a full week of consistently using a few signs it was as if a light bulb went off. She got it! She began signing “more” not just for food, but for everything she enjoyed. It was so cute–and such a GIFT! We are talking with our girl!! About two or three days after really getting “more” she started signing for “milk” perfectly and is now doing several more signs. We are now going through the class materials again to brush up on all the other signs you taught us. We truly can’t thank you enough. The workshop was possibly the best money we’ve spent on our sweet daughter since her arrival! Again, tremendous gratitude for your fantastic work in the world.

Camille M.

I took the Tiny Talker’s workshop with my son when he was 9 months old (he’s now almost 13 months), and I really liked it. I wasn’t sure it would be worth the money, but I think it was! My son is doing a lot of signs now. Shira’s class offers some really good ideas for how to incorporate baby sign more into your life, and she has good ideas for ways to teach it.

Natalie B.

My husband and I attended the Tiny Talkers class and we were impressed with the information that was presented. Shira gave us great tips to try with our daughter and she graciously answered all of our questions. After a few weeks of signing with her, she is able to communicate her needs effectively. As a third grade teacher, I know the importance of a child’s ability to communicate with others. The sooner you start communicating with your child, the better off they will be. Thanks again.

Shelley J.

Your class has really helped me to be a better daycare provider. It is so helpful for the little ones in my care to have a way to communicate. My older kids find it really fun, and are always asking me for more signs. The look of accomplishment on their little faces is priceless when the child has just signed, and I follow up with what they want, or need. I tell people about your class often, and I recommend it to other parents, as well as those working with small children.

Rita C.

Tiny Talkers is a wonderful class! All the important information a parent can learn in a short workshop and then actually go home and apply it with your baby. I learned a lot of great hints from Shira on how to teach my 7 month old and after a few short weeks, I’m already seeing my baby respond in communication with her hands. I’m learning the signs as I teach them to my baby….it’s really easy! Shira provided helpful examples and a great sign language pictionary and journal for parents to track their child’s milestones. Wonderful workshop! Highly recommend it!


My husband and I took this class when our daughter was only 3 months. I already knew lots about signing from working in a daycare, and working with other young babies, so I was worried it would be a repeat. However, Shira did a great job. She started with interesting background information on brain development and then moved on to signing. Another key piece that I found helpful was that she taught *how* to get started, not just what the signs are. Top that off with the fact that the class was short and sweet- one night for a few hours, with info packet of signs to take home for later. Loved it!


As the grandmother of a child who lives in Texas, I am only able to work with Noah during visits and try to encourage his mother at the same time. However, I put together the excellent workshop materials into two, user-friendly binders for my daughter-in-law and myself. During a one-week visit, Noah was watching my hands and responding with a few, appropriate, simple signs. Instead of “crying” his wants or needs, he attempted to sign them. It was so much fun!‎ This workshop taught me everything I needed to know!


This class is a great comprehensive crash course in teaching your baby sign language. Most of the focus is spent on how to teach your baby different signs and when to do it. My husband and I really enjoyed Shira and left feeling like we had to tools we needed to teach our daughter to communicate with us more effectively and if we had any questions or needed further help we liked knowing we could email Shira for further support.


I was impressed with Shira from the very beginning of the class. She was organized, and before teaching us the “how,” she went over the “why.” Although my husband and I had already decided that we wanted to teach our son sign language, it was wonderful to hear the information that Shira had about the many benefits of doing so. The class was easy to follow, and by the time we were done, not only did I feel totally prepared for the task of teaching this to my 9 month-old, but I was excited to begin. She also makes herself available for follow-up questions, which is above and beyond our expectations. I loved this class, and thought it was worth far more than Shira charges.


I attended your workshop over a week ago and I have been BLOWN AWAY by how fast my little one is picking it all up. He now knows (and USES!) water, book, cheese, eat and all done! He uses them ALL the time. I just love it! No more guessing if he wants milk or water or up on the counter. Thank you! The packet that was included with the workshop was also invaluable. So happy!


My husband and I got tons of information about how to teach sign language to our son. I highly recommend taking the workshop. A sign dictionary is not enough, you need strategies for teaching signs and helping your child understand that signs mean language.


Communicating with my 22 month old is simply the greatest gift we could have given each other. Using signs has enabled him to be a happier toddler with quicker access to his favorite items (like milk, books, and playing). With less time being spent frustrated (for both of us!) we are able to spend more time exploring and enjoying the world on our daily adventures! Thank you Tiny Talkers!


Thanks so much for the great workshop! My husband and I loved it. You presented the information in a really clear, easy manner. I love the historical tidbits to help us remember the signs! It is very much the way my mind works. Good luck with your business! I will definitely tell other friends about it.


My son started doing his first sign! I am ELATED! He is almost 11m, we took your class when he was 8 m, so just as you said…three months when they start signing!! Thank you so much, this is such a new, exciting way to bond.