Baby Signing 101 Workshop

To all the moms, dads, grandparents, educators, and caregivers:

Kids. We love ‘em! And we want to understand them!

We want to understand them so we can:

  • Effectively care for them
  • Bond with them
  • Ease their frustrations

Let’s go deeper; imagine a Tiny Talker in your life. Aww!

Tiny Talkers:

  • Feel connected
  • Sign their thoughts to you
  • Show you the world through their precious eyes

And, perhaps most importantly for us weary caregivers, are generally happier, significantly less frustrated with life, demonstrate increased IQ, and actually speak earlier compared with non-signing babies.

Workshop Details

We offer a single two-hour workshop to positively impact lifetime communication with your child. And it starts with the Baby Signing 101 workshop!

You will learn:

  • How to sign; this is our main objective. Our workshop attendees typically leave the workshop having learned seventy-five signs.
  • Invaluable tips and techniques based on baby brain functions
  • Practical application in terms of activities & games to promote bigger-picture verbal language development

To encourage your progress once you leave the workshop, you’ll receive:

  • Baby signing dictionary to recap signs covered in class
  • A journal to track your progress

Important notes:

Tiny Talkers teaches American Sign Language (ASL). It is important to learn a sign language that is universally recognized, because this is what you will come across at daycare centers and within the general community.

1 Student: $45
1 Student + Spouse/Partner: $55
1 Student + Grandparent: $60

Registration closes 24 hours prior to each workshop.

Upcoming Workshops

DateLocationAddressTimeSign Up!
TBANexus Chiropractic12214 SE Mill Plain Rd, Vancouver, WA 98684Click Here!
Saturday, Jan 13thDoula Love5433 NE 30th Ave., Portland OR 972111 pm-3 pmClick Here!
Tuesday, Feb 6thAlma Midwifery Education & Movement Space433 SE 13th Ave, Portland, OR 972146pm – 8pmClick Here!
Saturday, Mar 3Doula Love5433 NE 30th Ave., Portland OR 9721110am-noonClick Here!
Wednesday, Apr 4Healthy Spine200 E 25th St., Vancouver WA 986636:30-8:30 pmClick Here!
  • Please note that to maximize your learning experience, we encourage you to attend with only non-mobile babies.
  • Refunds given with 24-hour cancellation notice.
  • Come back to check for upcoming classes or sign up for our newsletter.
  • Upon purchase you should receive an email within 10 minutes to access the webcast and all supplemental materials.


$35.00Upon purchase you should receive an email within 10 minutes to access the webcast and all supplemental materials.Link to store