Private Instruction

Private Instruction In Your Home

Option 1: Learn the same information covered in the Baby Sign Language 101 Workshop (the standard public workshop that is offered but in the comforts of your own home). This takes about two hours to complete.

Price: ** $95 for 2 people (attendee plus a spouse/partner) $5 for each additional caregiver (ie: grandparent or nanny) ($15 if they would like their own packet of info to take home)
(**$10 additional transportation charge may incur for areas further than 20 miles away from my office in Clackamas Oregon)
Please note that the standard workshop is geared towards you- the parent, not your child

Option 2: Learn the same information covered in the Baby Sign Language 101 Workshop PLUS get individual one-on-one instruction with your child. This can be spaced out over 2-4 sessions depending on how much individualized instruction you desire. The first session would be about 1.25 hours and each subsequent session would be about an hour. Please inquire for pricing structure.

Please contact me for inquiries and rate information.

Private Instruction In Your Daycare

Does your daycare center staff need training in baby sign language? Individualized workshops are available and the workshop can be taught at your daycare facility.

Please contact me for inquiries and rate information.

Here are additional benefits of your baby learning sign language at his/her childcare:

  • Signing reduces frustration and crying, which helps to lower classroom noise levels.
  • Signing will help reduce the stress levels of caregivers, who are often responsible for the needs of many children.
  • Signing eliminates much of the guessing game in communicating with young children, resulting in more time for positive, developmental interaction.
  • Many caregivers report a significant reduction in biting – eliminate the frustration, the biting goes away too!
  • The use of American Sign Language helps special needs children interact meaningfully with typically developing children. This boosts the general acceptance of children with special needs.

Host a Workshop In Your Home

Host the Baby Sign Language 101 workshop in your home and include your friends/mom’s group in the fun. The charge is $45 per person for a private workshop in your home (same as the public workshops) with a minimum requirement of 6 individuals in attendance (not including spouses/partners ). If a spouse/partner is attending as well it is an additional $10 for each of them.

If there are at least 7 individuals in attendance (not including spouses/partners), YOUR workshop will be FREE!