Take communication with your baby into your own hands — literally!

Whether you’re a first-time parent or a pro, you’ve likely figured out that understanding what your baby is trying to tell you (from teething pain to hunger/tired/diaper changes and more) is about as challenging as it is important.

Did you know?

Sign language is the bridge to communicating with your baby until verbal communication enters the story. Yes! Babies as young as 6 months old learn to understand language well before they learn to form words and speak.

Frustration and tantrums subside as little ones learn to:

  • Ask you a question (for once!)
  • Tell you their needs and desires
  • Start conversations that give you tangible insight to their thoughts

With side benefits of:

  • Increasing brain function
  • Raising baby’s IQ
  • Building on baby’s attention span as they learn to stop, look, and listen to what is being said

Meet The Face of Tiny Talkers

Shira has worked with children as an educator for 20+ years, while offering her ASL classes to parents and caregivers — local and worldwide — for over 10 years.

Growing up in St. Louis, MO as the daughter of a professional singer, she has carried her love of music through life and now shares it with her own two children, as well as combining it with her teaching of ASL for hearing children. As a result, her youngest students experience ASL learning with a unique educational format.

Primarily, her work facilitates parent/child bonding through tactile communication; she happily observes decreased frustration with both parents/kids as little ones find their voice early on.

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